Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Judy Langille

Dec.26- Received fabric from Jane.

 Dec. 28- Created some new thermofaxes using a new texture I had developed this summer. This texture was created with handmade marks by using a plexy glass rod and instant indigo and hitting that against a variety of papers.

 Dec. 29- Printed with new screens using dark brown and bronze thickened dyes. Also created a large circle with the same texture and printed that with navy dyes and some smaller circles printed with pagoda red. I decided to use the tied dyed circles on the starting fabric as inspiration for the design.

 Dec. 30- Washed fabric and found textures and colors were way too subtle, but a good background.

 Jan. 1 and 2- Tore freezer paper to create areas of resist to enhance and bring out areas in order to create a strong composition. Using discharge paste I removed about half of the color from the blue fabric. The resulting design was way more dramatic, a light bluish color.

 Jan. 14- Added more torn paper to design and painted with 4 colors – greens, browns and teal.

 Jan. 15- Washed fabric and found the brown was way too red. So I repapered and removed most of the brown with discharge paste. I also discharged rings of texture in the solid areas. A glowing golden color appeared when the discharged pasted was removed from the brown areas.

Jan.24- Added more texture to the golden areas using browns, bronze and teal to bring the whole composition together.

 Feb. 5- Added one more layer of discharge area in areas that still seemed dark to add a bit more brightness to the fabric.


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