Thursday, February 26, 2009

Britta Ankenbauer

Silk is hanging in my studio, for first impressions. Waiting for a feeling concerning colour, theme and inspirations.

No theme yet, applying wax (cold) and Procion MX: bright green, lemon yellow and carmine red, frottage/rubbing red over a plastic sheet.

Drying fabric. After this, applying more wax on coloured regions, no theme, no idea for a title, the coloured fabric seems beautiful but like a background.

Applying navy blue (MX), washing out after 8 hours.

Tore off the 1/4 yd test fabric, for a better feeling of the design, balance of the colours and the composition. Thermofax silkscreens applied with Javana Tex (Paint) in opaque vanilla white. Good results, and the title is now clear: The Winner.

Overwriting the alphabet with a fabric marker and applying circles with a stamp, setacolor opaque, shimmer gold paints.

Design decision: finished or not? Not! 

Enjoying the painting with acrylic. Not sure if they would keep good on the silk. Test: washing out the test piece - no problems, the colours keep well on the fabric.

Monoprint for more focal point with Javana Tex vanilla. Applied too much, so I rub off some of the paint.

Pressing and washing out: keeps well, but I feel it is too bright in relation with the other colours.

Painting on the white areas with acrylics - Javana Tex opaque dark blue and Javana Tex sunny, bright blue, turquoise and carmine red.

Last finishes with wax crayons (Neocolor I from Caran D’ache)

Washing, pressing, finish!



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Three words.. I love it!

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